Mission Statement

Below you will find Kingdom Footsteps United Ministries’ Goals, Vision, and overall Mission for this ministry.


  • To educate individuals, families and institutions in America on core biblical values America was founded on.
  • To bring our leadership of America back under God. Ensure a Congress and President that will uphold Christian values.
  • To have a President appoint and Congress approve Supreme Court Judges that will uphold America’s Christian values as outlined in our Constitution.
  • To make sure individual state Governors and state legislators uphold biblical values as outlined in our laws.
  • To ensure each state appoints or elects judges to their Supreme Courts that will uphold Christian values as allowed in Constitution.
  • To make sure every child in America has access to be trained by a bible in either public school or affordable private school.
  • To make sure every church in America is informed of their rights to worship as they see fit without government interference.
  • To make sure every family in America realizes that their house must be Biblically sound. Their kids must be raised with biblical values enforced from home.
  • Provide an APP where every American can see their local, state and national government electives and where they stand.
  • To educate churches on duties to help the poor, orphans, widows and aliens as Jesus Christ has commanded so these individualsĀ are not depended on government help but seek God and churches for their source of help.


Kingdom Footsteps United Ministries would like to see America recognize and support her Christian values as a nation by individuals, institutions and the Government.


We support the stance of our forefathers in America that biblical principles are necessary for America to prosper. We will educate Americans on their Constitution and the rights their Constitution gives them to be free in America.