In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. – Genesis 1:1

God is the creator of our world. The bible tells us in Genesis 1 that God created the world in 6 days and then rested on the 7th day. In America today, we are allowing God to be wiped out of our education system. First, in the early 1960’s the bible was removed permanently from public schools along with prayer. Second, evolution replaced creation in our science text books explaining our history and existence. With no bible to educate our children about God and science teaching there is no God, generations are growing up not knowing about God and our creation. Science in schools teach we just evolved from thin air (which is impossible and scientist cannot even explain). Over 80% of Americans say they believe in Jesus and the bible yet they stood by and allowed this to happen for over 50 years in America.

God made all of us. God made the rich, God made the poor. God made the healthy as well as many unhealthy. Who are we to criticize God for his plans? God knows our situations. God is watching over all of our lives daily. A majority of Americans have not even read the bible all the way through. They say they believe in God and have access to many bibles but they do not read it. Most Americans act like lost sheep waiting to be guided. This is very dangerous. These lost sheep then end up following the wrong shepherd. The bible says those who true followers of Jesus will know his voice and follow. The problem is so many do not read the bible to know Jesus. False prophets then come along and steer them away from Jesus.

America is at a dangerous turning point. The lost sheep have been misguided for so long, most of America is being guided away from Jesus and God. Through cell phones and the internet everyone person in America has access to the bible. They just choose not to read it.

Religion is not God. God says no place on earth can hold him. His place is in heaven. The earth is his footstool. Do not be fooled by religion. Religion is man trying to be a substitute for God. There is no substitute for God. Each one of us must have a personal relationship with God. Once we have a personal relationship with God, we should be part of body to share and pray together. These bodies should come together as the whole body of Christ. (The Church with Christ as the head)