America was made to allow freedom for all people. All people are designed to worship God. America is the one place in this world where you can freely do that or for the few that do not acknowledge God, they are free to not worship. America gives us ALL a choice as does God.

Man is born into sin and bound to corruption. Power will ruin most men. America was designed to keep men from temptation of power by establishing the people with the power. Government electives are to be servants of the people just as we people are to be servants of Christ. Today, many electives have not followed this principle and tried to take power for themselves or their party. The American people need to stand up and take America back from corruption and the powers that oppose God.

Leaders in America need to be Godly men or women that will uphold Godly principles for this country. The people Need to hold leaders accountable or replace them.


America was founded with the idea that the church should not be run by the government. Too may times in history, the government would rule over the church and manipulate the priest to control the people how they wanted them to live. The government would only allow you to worship their way.

In America, our founders designed this country so the government could have no power over the church. Every church and individual can worship as they see best. American leaders were Christian or at least believed Christian principles were best way to live. America was intended to have leaders with high Christian values, incorruptible, with integrity to serve all.